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R and cytometry: courses

R and cytometry: courses

Here is the place to start with R with the goal to analyze cytometry data. Christopher Hall provides nice resources to start and improve R handout.pdf from zero to R basics to visualize, gate, tSNE… R flow cytometry course Scripts for cytometry Lukas Weber provides simple scripts, Rtsne-example and FlowSOM-Rtsne-example, and scripts from a CyTOF-workshop-2017. Nello Blaser […]

R and cytometry: introduction

R and cytometry:  introduction

There is an increasing interest in analyzing cytometry data with R. R is not intuitive and the learning curve is not fast. But there are rewards: You can easily repeat and tweak an analysis because the analysis is a script, that is a text file with commands to run and achieve the analysis. This is […]